Article Marketing

 Many people, like myself, have realized the numerous advantages that writing articles can provide. Article marketing is now widely recognized as a great strategy to promote a website, but there are plenty of other ways for aspiring writers to make money.

 I took the suggestion and haven’t looked back since. Writing articles is an excellent approach to increase the number of one-way backlinks to your website, and the readers of each post are also potential visitors.

 I strive to give guidance in each article and make them pleasant for any potential reader.

There are other ways for people who enjoy writing, such as myself, to profit from our talents.

 Writing freelance for newspapers and magazines is another way for people to supplement their income with their expertise. There’s no reason why you couldn’t make money this way if your abilities are good enough and what you write is interesting to a large audience.

Writing has never been more in demand, and now is the time for those who believe they have a talent to take advantage of it. There is a lot of garbage on the internet right now, and excellence will always stand out.

 Many people would claim that they aren’t well-educated enough to be considered a writer in some circles. This may or may not be true for some people, but you will never know unless you try. As they say, content is king, and if your content is good and interesting, why should people be concerned about your absence of examinations and other forms of assessment?

Make sure your information is easy to understand and that every word is spelled correctly. Go for it. The world is your oyster.

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Looking To Build Your Online Business?

Why Not Partner With Me For 2022?

Most online courses leave you to do it all “by yourself”, but what if you could actually partner with me and let me do most of the training for you… 

From: Anthony Morrison
To: Internet Marketers & Future Millionaires

Dear Friend,

If you’re reading this then you likely know there’s plenty of money to be made online ….

Of course you have to find the RIGHT STRATEGY and usually have a ton of experience to really make it work, and I am guessing if you’re here you’ve tried that before – and it simply didn’t work.

Most “online courses” promise to “show you how” to generate income online and they cost up to literally $2,495.00 just to gain access to some videos that are usually outdated…

How are you suppose to take some outdated videos and actually make money on the Internet?

The simple answer is IT DOESN’T WORK FOR MANY PEOPLE

That’s why I decided to create a program that flips the script and changes everything so that you don’t fall into the same trap again.

My new Partner With Anthony program literally allows you to partner with me.

… and that’s great news for you because it means you can know beyond a shadow of a doubt my goal isn’t to just sell you some crappy outdated videos, my goal is for you to be successful and actually make money with our program.

Instead of doing things alone you’re going to simply plugin to my “Business Building Eco-System” where you can build your business and create your affiliate links.

It’s a win for me and a win for you…

This program and partnering with me simply isn’t for everyone.

In fact, this brand new Partner With Anthony program might not even be for you?

This program is ONLY for 2 types of people:

1.) Internet Marketers who are looking to take their businesses to the next level and create more income.

2.) “Newbies” who are looking to start their first online business the right way the first time and are determined to have success by investing in themselves.

If you aren’t one of these types of people then unfortunately our program is likely not for you.

However, if you do fit into one of these categories we’re excited to invite you to join the most exclusive and cost-effective program you’ll ever find for building an online business.

Here’s What You Get As A Member

After joining the Partner With Anthony program here’s what you get:

– Exclusive “Affiliate Links” that will allow you to start generating commissions from some of the same companies that pay me every single month.

– Exclusive “PWA Sessions” each designed to walk you step by step through setting up your new funnel and plugging everything in the absolute correct way.

– Access to our “Business Building Eco-System”, which until now has never been available to anyone. 

– Instant Access to the “PWA Live” event that we do each week for everyone in our program. This is where you get a chance to interact with me and let me answer any questions you might have so we can make sure you get everything up and running properly.

– BONUS 1: I am giving you a complete DONE FOR YOU funnel that I use for my “Favorite Online Business”

– BONUS 2: I am giving you a digital copy of my first book “The Hidden Millionaire” which sold over 1,000,000 copies completely FREE – This is a $19.95 value… yours free.

– BONUS 3: You’ll get full access to my weekly Success Connection LIVE training where I build businesses and give them to you completely free.

I am guessing you’re pretty excited by now.

I am honestly thinking of making access to this Partnership program about $197 per month which I think would be an insane value wouldn’t you agree?

However, before we open this up to everyone we want to open up our Partner With Anthony program to new members at a completely no-brainer investment.

The enrollment investment is so unheard of that you’ll probably think to yourself “Is Anthony Crazy”, but I can assure you that I am not.

I’m just passionate about helping you and people just like you create and have success online.

So I completely went against the grain and have decided to do something I have just simply never done before…

You can get full access to the Partner With Anthony program today for just $7 per

And if you sign up today, I am going to extend to you a ridiculous no questions asked money back guarantee so I can prove to you that this program is a game changer for you and your business.

Join the Partner with Anthony Today

Passively Viral…What does that even mean?

Okay, so where to start? What exactly is is a splash page builder that makes it easy for even the most technically challenged to create a compelling splash page. (more on this later).

For now, let’s first address what exactly a splash page is…

A splash page is a company’s introduction to their website. It’s not a landing page, but rather a large window that is used to promote a service or product, announce a promotion, or deliver necessary information, before a user is able to enter the site and view the rest of the site’s pages. A typical splash page will usually be displayed in its entirety above the fold; that is, the area in a visitor’s browser that is viewable without having to scroll down. uses a simple 3 step system to help members create splash (and capture – more on this later) pages.

  1. Members choose a background image from over 60 categories, all hosted by on their content delivery network. Pro members have the ability to upload their own background images to the network or import it from a web address (URL)
  2. Edit a text placeholder with a message you want your splash page to convey, move it to where you want it displayed on the background image and specify the color you want it in.
  3. Give your splash page a short descriptive name, and where visitors must go when they click on it and publish.

Once published, the member receives a splash page link that they can enter into traffic exchanges and anywhere else they want to promote it. Once such a splash page link is viewed, we get to see where the name Second Splash comes in…

This is rather imaginative. Rather than just displaying the splash page you created, 2 splash pages are displayed next to each other, or under each other when viewed on a smaller device such as a mobile phone. The splash page belonging to the link owner will be displayed on the right hand side (top on smaller screens) and another splash page will be displayed on the left (bottom on smaller screens). The splash page on the left/bottom will be a random splash page that belongs to the person who referred the owner of the splash page link. However, only 50% of the time will the left/top splash page belong to the sponsor. The other 50% of time when a splash page link is followed, the left/top splash page will be long to a random pro member. (more on pro features later)

Readers who are sharp will quickly notice this is a fresh way of getting a lot of traffic without effort by either referring a lot of members to their downline or subscribing to the pro membership.

Talking about referrals, every time a splash page is viewed, the affiliate link of both the right side splash owner as well as the affiliate link of the left side splash owner is also embedded into the page, making this a very interesting concept to study as far as passive marketing is concerned. Not only is your affiliate link promoted when you promote your splash page links, but also when members in your downline promote theirs. This sets a snowball effect in motion whereby the people you refer will promote your splash pages and affiliate link, which will lead to more people signing up under you, which leads to more of your splash pages and affiliate link being shown and around and around it goes. Just this feature alone should make it an easy choice for newbiews as I can’t think of an easier way to get new signups into a program.


At the time of their launch, a pro membership will cost you $24 a month, or you can get 2 months free with an annual membership for $240. There is also a lifetime option available. As a free member you will earn 25% commission for every subscriber and as a pro member that goes up to 50%, so as a pro member, you need 2 subscribers to effectively get your own pro subscription free.

With the viral way this system is set up to auto-promote your affiliate link, getting two pro referrals to essentially make your own pro membership free, should be a cinch. Here, it should be noted, they have a fast action bonus, only available for 3 days after you join that really adds a lot to your membership. A big selling point for the fast action bonus is the ability to also use to create capture pages.

If you miss out on the fast action bonus, you can get it later as an add-on at a much higher price, however, even with the higher priced add-on you will not get everything available through the fast action bonus, so be aware of that if it is the route you want to go.


  • Create up to 20 (30 with fast action bonus) simultaneous campaigns (Free members are restricted to 3 campaigns)
  • Pause campaigns
  • See click through rates on your campaigns. Click rates are recorded for free members as well, but only become available once they reach pro status.
  • See where your clicks are coming from
  • See where your referrals are coming from
  • Get detailed analytics, charts and reports
  • Customize your splash designs with 8 fonts (12 if you grab the fast action bonus)
  • Customize your splash designs with 2 text placeholders (Free members get one)
  • Customize your splash designs with text outlining
  • Get double the commission free members get
  • Have your campaigns (and affiliate link) promoted by the entire membership.
  • Message your downline any time without having to earn credits
  • Get access to analytical insights without having to earn credits

With regards to this last pro benefit, they have a section on your back-office where you can see the top five splash pages getting the most clicks. This is the top 5 among the entire membership, not just your own account. This is an especially nice feature as it allows you to inspect the winning campaigns to model your own campaigns after it. This feature is available to free members as well, but in order to get access they must first earn 15 credits by viewing 15 splash pages belonging to pro members.

SUMMARY is a novel idea that will appeal to new and seasoned marketers alike. The top 5 campaigns feature is stroke of genius, creating equal opportunity for free and promembers alike to create winning campaigns and the referral system will set a new standard for viral marketing and passive income.


Referral System
Top 5 Analytics

Free members are limited to 3 campaigns.

I think it is clear from this review, I could not really fault the system. While seasoned marketers will knock this out of the ballpark, newbies will find it hard to find an easier system to refer other members, so it is a win for all. Two Thum bs Up…Go grab it.


Create Unlimited AI Images 100% For FREE,

Dear friend,

Unless you’ve been hidden under a rock on Jupiter, you’ve seen how artificial inteligence has recently been taking the world by storm.

The images created by this new technology will leave you speechless.

You’d swear they were skillfully painted by Picasso himself.

Never in our wildest dreams could we imagine the shocking realism artificial intelligence could create, but here we are. 

It’s real, and it’s HERE.

And regular people like you and me are making an absolute killing from the fruits of AI’s labor.

In fact, there are myriads of ways you could start making money almost immediately using AI.

Unless you’ve been hidden under a rock on Jupiter, you’ve seen how artificial inteligence has recently been taking the world by storm.

The images created by this new technology will leave you speechless.

You’d swear they were skillfully painted by Picasso himself.

Never in our wildest dreams could we imagine the shocking realism artificial intelligence could create, but here we are. 

It’s real, and it’s HERE.

Up until now, we’ve only seen a small handful of AI apps that create this level of art, they will cost you a small fortune in either subscription fees, credits or expensive software just to create just a few of these images.

That is, until you stumbled across this page (congratulations!)

In fact, we’re about to hand you the keys to UNLIMITED AI art, images & graphics that you can produce without paying a single red penny. 

How does FREE sound?

But it gets even better…

Up until now, most AI apps only allowed you to create art with things that don’t exist.

But what if you could insert yourself or other people into the images?

For example…

How would you like to be a superhero? 

Imagine how much people would pay you to turn them into a superhero? It isn’t so much that you can turn yourself into a superhero. It is about giving the world the ability to create images exactly how THEY want. Now you give them those images and get paid. 

Or what if you could turn them up in a toy figure, statue or put their cat on a bike?

We’d even argue that ours looks better for $600!!!

That is the kind of money being spent on these images. The buyers have no idea that your amazing images take so little time to make and you are doing it for free. Normally it would take an artist with talent hours to make such an image.

Thousands of art images selling for $70 a pop.

Hundreds of “digital paintings” selling for $90 a pop.

It isn’t about making one type of image or focusing on digital vs physical products.

There are so many opportunities for you to profit from this opportunity and sell in so many different ways and on many platforms. Remember that you don’t have to pay any money and can make as many images as you want.

Before AI Unlimited so many people wanted to get into this game but they realize that it costs so much and it isn’t scalable to produce these images on a massive scale. Now the sky is the limit for you to crush this!

You can make posters for dirt cheap and sell them for $129 each!

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Join the Millionaire Society

Learn how to become a millionaire by joining the Millionaire Society

Affiliate Marketing 101
Millionaire Society, 2011

Affiliate marketing tips for beginners is first to “Start”. If you are looking to join affiliate marketing business, following tips are just like a mile stone in this journey.

You control your actions and only have an effect on those people and things connected to you through relations and activities. The rest of the world and life you cannot control, so take some advice from one of my favorite Philosophers Bill Murray – “It Really Doesn’t Matter”.

You need to start each day with an empty glass and fill it the best you can, do it, start, become all you can be. Sounds like a commercial for the army. In real world business, it will add good value to your efforts.
So here are some tips for beginners in Affiliate Marketing

1.  Find a product or company you believe in to promote.
2.  Acquire an affiliate link through their affiliate marketing program.
3.  Get a domain name and hosting from a company like Go Daddy.
4.  Outsource a web/blog site that is controlled by WordPress.
5.  Sign up with You Tube.
6.  Learn how to do keyword research.
7.  Now blast your videos out using You Tube And Traffic Geyser
8.  Use Traffic geyser to blast out your blog posts to article sites.

Now before you jump in and spend your money on things you may not need, get some help, mentoring. You need a plan of action, and realistic goals. There are some affiliate networks which offer free video training and seminars. These training videos and seminars are very useful for learning the basic and advance skills in affiliate marketing.


Millionaire Society is a private
society of millionaires who’s only
goal is to teach you every single thing
you must know to build your own 6 or 7
figure online business

If you want to make money online,
join the society before it’s too late.

I Tried Affiliate Marketing…

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Thank you for watching, I hope to see you throughout my journey! 🚀


Work from the comfort of your own home

The OLSP System

Are you looking to supplement your current income?

Maybe you’re stuck in the rat race, and it doesn’t pay enough?

Maybe you’re retired and you need more income?

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On the other hand, maybe you just want to make
more money?

Well this opportunity could be perfect for you.

You do it from the comfort of your own home or
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It’s up to you how much time you want to invest in it.

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