100 things


food that builds community

A soft sweet suggestion to remember how good you are.

2022 will be the 15th year in a row that my friend Gil and I have avoided New Year resolutions. I don’t seem to meet many people whose resolutions last the whole year, except for friend Jackie, who resolves never to grow an inch taller and never to stop talking. Every year it’s the same resolution; every year she makes it to the end in triumph.

Gil and I learned of another suggestion:  write 100 things which make you proud of what you did last year. Crazy!  I thought.  Impossible! But I have been doing it for fifteen years now.   I was looking through some of the 100 Things from 2007 and 2008, thinking, “oh yes, I forgot how hard that was….” Or “oh yes, that happened just at the wrong time….” and I was pleased once again…

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