I was so surprised!

Congratulations. I Love your blog

Keep it alive

When I started blogging almost 3 years ago, I was tremendously surprised and pleased that people were reading my blog.

Now 4 years later, my surprise and gratitude haven’t lessened, and I am still very grateful that people read, like, and comment on what I write. It has been a satisfying journey and a great learning experience.

Blogging has given me what I never expected, it has given me a big community that I call my blogging family, wonderful people who not only read but also encourage me.

I pay $8 per month,( $96 per anum) for my site at may look expensive, but it’s cheaper than any therapy because my blog is my therapy, it’s my outlet and it’s what gives me confidence and I don’t grudge spending money on it.

Writing, thinking, and interacting here via my blog keeps my brain active and keeps me mentally young…

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Author: Blogging for knowledge

I am a photojournalist from the Dominican Republic who enjoys blogging and social networking for fun and business.

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